Dendrobium from the happy heart of Thailand!


Most of us know Thailand as a well-known holiday destination. What is much less known is that the country is a major producer of orchids. Of the 22,000 types known up to now, approximately 1000 were discovered in Thailand. It is therefore no coincidence that there are so many nurseries to be found. Such as Suphachadiwong Orchids, where the exclusive Sa-nook® series comes from. The orchid even has the status of national symbol in Thailand!

The country on the other side of the globe is similar in size to France. A few statistics? Thailand has a surface of 513,000 km ². Globally, Thailand is 800 km wide and 1500 km long. 65 million people live there.

Rich in flora
Thailand has a tropical climate. However, the climate is pleasant: it is not as oppressive as in other tropical countries. Thailand is rich in flora thanks to the climate. The orchid is not the only beautiful flower to be found there. There are 27,000 species of flowers and flowering plants!

Dendrobium in half a coconut
The climate also makes it possible to cultivate Dendrobiums, even in the open air. The Dendrobium is also much used as a decorative plant in the country. A popular arrangement is a plant in a half coconut, hanging from trees. The country is the largest exporter of Dendrobiums globally. The Thai people even award special properties to this orchid: the Dendrobium even plays a role in religion.

Thirty years of experience
Suphachadiwong Orchids belong to the larger and more professional nurseries in Thailand. The company has several branches in central and eastern Thailand. Suphachadiwong has been cultivating orchids for thirty years; not only the Dendrobium, but also other species. The Phalaenopsis is a well-known one; the Vanda is too. Suphachadiwong focused on the Dendrobium as one of the first enhancers and propagators. With success: as a producer and exporter, the company belongs to one of the larger nurseries in the country and it sets the pace. Sa-Nook ® Dendrobium species have all been introduced by ‘Suphachadiwong Orchids’. A separate series of species was developed for the new Sa-nook brand: pot plant varieties that thrive optimally in European greenhouses and with the consumer at home.

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