Dendrobium from the happy heart of Thailand!


Where are the Sa-nook ® Dendrobiums cultivated? The Dendrobiums Sa-nook ® comes from Thailand. The orchids come across to the Netherlands as small cuttings. They are grown here at two companies in the Westland: Kwekerij Fransen Orchideeën and Zeurniet. Both plant-breeders have more than twenty years experience in the cultivation of orchids.

That experience is very important. The Dendrobium is one of the most difficult species of orchids to cultivate. There are no less than 8000 meters filled with colourful Dendrobiums at Zeurniet: at Kwekerij Fransen Orchideeën even more than double: 20,000 square meters. Together, the two nurseries account for a total production of 1.4 million plants per year.

Ideal conditions in Netherlands
The orchids are accustomed to a pleasant temperature and high humidity in Thailand. Therefore, the Thai breeder has developed special varieties for Sa-nook that fare well in European greenhouses and homes. The Dendrobiums can grow under ideal conditions in the greenhouses of the two growers. The plants come to the Netherlands after approximately six months. It takes approximately a year before the plants bloom and are ready for sale over here. The two growers supply the plants in different sizes; from a height of 45 centimetres.

Cultivating Dendrobiums is an art
It is an art for a Dendrobium grower to get all the plants for one party to bloom in time. Not easy, because the Dendrobium still has many secrets for the growers, for example: it is not always easy to predict when a plant will bloom. This mysticism makes the Dendrobium perhaps the most special orchid!

Species of good lineage
Sa-nook® Dendrobium species were all introduced by ‘Suphachadiwong Orchids’. One of the first companies that started to cultivate various types of Dendrobiums. They have thirty years of experience in breeding and propagation inter alia, which is reflected in the Sa-nook series! This company is now one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Dendrobium pot plant species in Thailand. Suphachadiwong Orchids now has thirty years of experience in enhancement and propagation and they develop, amongst others, Dendrobium varieties that perform well under European conditions, both in the greenhouse, as well as in the consumer’s home. This experience is reflected in the Sa-nook series!

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