Dendrobium from the happy heart of Thailand!


How do you take care of your Dendrobium optimally?
Do you want to enjoy more of your Dendrobium? Place the plant in a sunny window. However, avoid direct sunlight in the summer to prevent the leaves from burning. The ideal temperature in your home is between 16 and 25 degrees. Water a Dendrobium once a week moderately. The roots do not like to stand in a pot of water. The inside of the pot is made so that excess water is discharged directly via the bottom. Administer orchid food once a month along with the water. The colour of the flower becomes more intense this way and you advance the longevity of the plant.

Is the plant finished blooming?
What makes the Sa-nook® Dendrobium so special is that you can get the plant to bloom again easily. Give the plant enough light and warmth when it has finished blooming and keep on watering the plant as indicated above. The plant will consequently make a new shoot and will always be back in bloom after approximately 5 to 7 months.

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