Dendrobium from the happy heart of Thailand!


Lots of fun with Sa-nook®!
Sa-nook® is not only the brand name of a very special series of Dendrobiums. It is also a word in Thailand, the country where the Dendrobiums come from. Sa-nook is even a word that the Thai (the inhabitants of Thailand) often use: when they are having fun. And that happens very often. Thailand is not known as the land of smiles for nothing.

Not just a word, but a way of life
Sa-nook stands for having fun with one another, for joy about something or someone, for enjoying a nice day or something else. Those who know the country a bit know that the residents are often very ‘Sa-nook’. Almost everything is Sa-nook. Having fun is even a way of life there: do not worry about today, just enjoy life. It is a motto that we in the West, with our busy schedules, could perhaps learn something from. And how can we make a better start than by bringing a real Sa-nook Dendrobium into our home?

Also enjoy the Sa-nook feeling!

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